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About us

In November 2011, APOSTASY RECORDS was born as the brainchild of Tomasz Wisniewski, when he founded a record label that is fueled by (t)his passion and dedication for metal. After the first releases by bands like Burial Vault, Deadborn, or Obscenity, the ever-growing roster began to touch all kinds of extreme metal, with such different acts like Night In Gales, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Iron Walrus, Dead Talks, Fleshcrawl, Lay Down Rotten, Nothgard, Serenity In Murder and many more. The exact same attention to details applies to every single release by the label and its worldwide network of distributors and partners.


The proof for the label’s claim “Music Is Not Just A Product But A Passion” can be found in its satisfied artists as well as chart positions like #64 in Germany (for “Dawnlight Garden” by Night In Gales). APOSTASY RECORDS might be an apostate in its own rights, but its also part of something way bigger.