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01. Black
02. One last sting
03. Tvåenighet
04. When all is…
05. Send the ninth plague
06. To reclaim what is ours (instr.)
07. Insomnia
08. Blood heritage
09. Razorblade revolution
10. The storm
11. My blessing

Black in itself is no colour but a condition

This is more than just a phrase but a true statement which refers to many different moods. Dark frames of mind and feelings on the brink of the abyss can simply be described as „Black“. That’s why none other title fits the new songs by Ablaze My Sorrow better. 14 years after “Anger, Hate And Fury”, we finally hear new gloomy melodic death metal by the Swedes who reformed in 2013!

The perfect sound for the eleven tracks was created with the help of producer Christian Svedin (The Unguided, Faithful Darkness) in his Studio Haga while Niclas Malmström designed the sinister artwork which stands synonymously for every note on the record. Music, sound and artwork runs like a threat through the whole piece of art. Everyone should mark 26th August 2016 on the calendar in black.


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