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ASMODINA - Inferno



01. Forgotten Tears
02. Blood
03. Impregnate The Beast Inside
04. Another Golgotha
05. Abuse
06. Nocturnal Obsession
07. Pleasure Dance
08. Pleasure Dance – 1996 (Bonus Track)
09. The Orphaned Hill – 1996 (Bonus Track)
10. Deep in Hate – 1996 (Bonus Track)

Nearly 23 years after its initial release, the time is right to experience Asmodina’s “Inferno” in a whole new way. It shows the first musical steps of Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) and it’s a true death metal gem full of raw riff-power and unrestrained brutality. The whole album has been remastered by Christoph Brandes) to make songs like “Another Golgotha” and “Impregnate The Beast Inside” even more crushing. Earlier demos, the original lyrics and some photos of “way back when” allow you to travel back in time with the German band. Costin Chioreanu created a redesign of the original cover-artwork and a whole new layout that captures the old-school vibe but allows a lot more details. To make this one even more special, the whole profit of the album will be donated.
Prepare for the ultimate edition of “Inferno” by Asmodina which will be released via Apostasy Records.
Angela Gossow: „Here comes the reissue of ASMODINA’s “Inferno” with loads of cool extras for you! Stop buying the cheap bootlegs. We have remastered the album, added earlier demos, the original lyrics and some cool photos. My entire share will go to a charity project for children I have been supporting for a couple of years now. I will personally sign autograph cards for this release. Go grab your copy now – Before it‘s sold out!“


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