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BLACK ABYSS - Possessed



01. As Long As I‘m Bleeding
02. Conquering Of Fate
03. The Final Call
04. Possessed By Hate
05. Human Machine
06. Bloodforce
07. Rippers Punch
08. Streams Of Sorrow
09. The Aim
10. The Grail

After several years in darkness, the Southern German Metal act BLACK ABYSS is back with a vengeance!

The band teamed up with producer Roger Grueninger and entered Studio 141 (End Of Green, Undertow o.a.) to produce their new album “Possessed”. Afterwards, Achim Koehler (Brainstorm, Hammerfall, Rage o.a.) refined the sound. On the result BLACK ABYSS shows how modern Power Metal has to sound and prove that it was worth the wait!

BLACK ABYSS played countless live concerts all over Europe. Their releases “Why” (Mainstreet Records), “Land Of Darkness” (B.O. / Last Episode Records) and “Angels Wear Black” (Massacre Records) were well-received all over the globe and even made it into the albumcharts in several countries.

Songs like “Time” and “Eye Of The Storm” gained cult status. The national Metal scene wouldn’t be the same without those classics.



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