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BURIAL VAULT - Unity In Pluralism



01. Adopted Creed
02. Metamorphosis
03. Tempestas
04. LCD (Liquid Crystal Dementia)
05. Hypocritical Lullaby
06. Ambush
07. Hostility In Disguise
08. The Desired Destination (Seeking For I)
09. Return To Point Zero
10. Bokanovsky’s Process
11. Sanctimonious

Death metal with a melodic edge and socially critical lyrics. These are the trademarks of Burial Vault’s previous releases, their debut “Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)“ (2012) and their complex concept-album “Incendium” (2013). The balance act between melody, harshness and atmosphere is the linchpin of the music from the German five-piece.

“Unity In Pluralism” brings this mixture to the next level. The eleven songs don’t follow a conceptual context but this seems to be the source of their strength. They all represent the individual facets of human individuals, their thoughts and their lives. The surrealistic artwork by Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy, At The Gates…) also picks up the aspect of unity in pluralism. Therefore he created two artworks that are separated by a slipcase. At last producer Victor Santura (Dark Fortress, Tryptikon, Obscura …) worked out the perfect sound for all the influences within the music and created an enormous depth by this.


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