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CRAVING - By The Storm



01. Fulgur Immortale
02. By Storm
03. Cave Of A Dream
04. Penelopes Prayer
05. Spirits Of The Dead
06. Seven Steps To Darkness
07. One With Darkness
08. Eyes Of Winter
09. The Stone
10. Wenn der Wind sich dreht
11. Wielder Of Storms
12. The Fountain Of Memory
13. Game Of Thrones (Cover)*
14. Torn Apart*
* Bonus Tracks (Digipak only)

In the eye of the storm!

The music from Germany’s Craving carries influences of extreme metal, folk, power metal and classic with it to leave a real battlefield behind. Their self-titled debut and its follow-up “At Dawn” as well as numerous shows and festivals all over Europe (alongside Ensiferum, Equilibrium, o.a.) already proved the strength of the band and their songs. These also won over acts like Helge Stang (ex-Equilibrium), Nils Loeffler (Orden Ogan) and Chris Caffery (Savatage) who did gueat appearances.

On their newest piece of work “By The Storm” the band is feistier than ever with a matured songwriting and a production that leaves enough space for all musical ingredients. Guitarist and singer Ivan Chertov produced the album on his own and once again left the mixing and mastering to Christoph Brandes (Finsterforst, Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz). Their passion for the literature of George R. R. Martin not only inspired their lyrics but it also lead to the idea of doing a cover-version of the “Game Of Thrones”-theme. This bonustrack rounds down the album perfectly.

On 16.12.2016 Craving will take you “By The Storm” with their newest album released via Apostasy Records!



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