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DEADBORN - Mayhem Maniac Machine



01. Premises Of Cryonics
02. Profanatic Reanimation
03. Bionic Abomination
04. Insane Motor Cortex
05. Replicants Device
06. Slaves Of Megatron
07. Reinvented Power Process
08. Second Order Cybernetics
09. Kraftwerk D

Since their foundation in 2002, Deadborn look back to a history of success.

Already their debut EP “Decades Of Decapitation” (Self-released, 2004 / Sylphony Creations, 2005) pounded relentlessly its way through the death metal underground and acclaimed nothing but great and excellent reviews leading to good and steadily growing fan base. Their first full length “Stigma Eternal” (2007, Massacre Records) was hailed by press and fans as well.
European tours with Disbelief and Graveworm in 2007 and with Hate Eternal, and Cephalic Carnage in 2008, as well a tour with Dying fetus and several festival shows and headliner concerts, blasted the band to an insider tip within the Death Metal scene.

With „Mayhem Maniac Machine“ DEADBORN have created again an absolute masterpiece. The Album was again recorded, mixed and mastered together with producer Christoph Brandes in the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist).
“…a varied and sometimes even catchy, yet highly technical and brutal album. “Mayhem Maniac Machine” is probably the strongest death metal album of the year so far…” EMP / Germany



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