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Dysmal - Gates To Apperception



01. Memory Leak
02. Emergent Perceptrons
03. Hypotheism
04. Evolution Remnants
05. Hidden Layers
06. Exnovation
07. Deadlock
08. Brute Force
09. Content Contaminated
10. Immersion

“Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” (Albert Einstein)

The pandemic situation in the world changed so many things, and why it seemingly slowed certain processes down, it forced others to evolve. Tobias Schaub, guitarist and main-composer of the melodic death metal band Burial Vault, needed a vehicle to get some thoughts and ideas out of his system. Therefore, he did what he does best: He wrote songs. With the time a whole album was created, and he started to write lyrics for it – lyrics about the technological evolution, with its variety of (dis)advantages. DYSMAL was born!
After recording all guitar, bass and keyboard tracks, Tobias decided to not go with the regular “one vocalist for all songs” formula. The tunes that turned out to be like classic melodic death metal with a modern approach needed some extra ingredients. Therefore, he asked five singers to breathe life into the lyrics. While Gitte Silze-Andersen provided clean vocals, four extreme metal voices laid down some of their most brutal performances: Osher (Epidemic Scorn, Aphrodia Okkulta), Lisa Ulferts (Hörnery), Raimund Ennenga (Nailed To Obscurity, Burial Vault) and Tomasz Wisniewski (Nyktophobia).
The result is named “Gates To Apperception” and it’s a melodic death metal rollercoaster ride with a huge variety. Be it the in-your-face-tune ‘Emergent Perceptrons’, ‘Evolution Remnants’ with its fragile chorus, the atmospheric ‘Hidden Layers’, the groove machine ‘Exnovation’ or the grand finale ‘Immersion’ – this album has so much to offer that needs to be explored. The artwork by Michael ‚Xaay‘ Loranc (Nile, God Dethroned, Nothgard) captures the whole concept in a unique way and adds the perfect visual component to the musical machinery.
DYSMAL’s debut “Gates To Apperception” will be released on 03.02.2023!