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Halls Of Oblivion - Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death



01. 8°14‘43‘‘S, 117°59‘34‘‘E
02. Dusk
03. Buried By The Blackest Sand
04. The Summer That Never Was
05. Red Snow
06. Eternal Frost
07. In The Abscence Of Light
08. Inundation
09. Dawn

A place where melancholy, sorrow and despair unite to create a fictional musical building made of brutal riffs and heavy words. Enter the HALLS OF OBLIVION!
The band from Southern Germany was formed in 2007 to channel the aggression and desperation of its members through blackened extreme metal tunes. After “Endtime Poetry”, Sebastian Ruf (vocals, guitars), Marcel Welte (lead guitars), Markus Kristen (bass) and Max Beck (drums) open the gates again and allow their audience to enter the HALLS OF OBLIVION: “Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death”.
After a more restrained introduction, ‘01_8°14‘43‘‘S 117°59‘34‘‘E’ unloads in a black metal explosion, only to resend the listener into more atmospheric and acoustic fields towards the end before the versatile ‘Dusk’ unfolds. ‘Buried By The Blackest Sand’ oscillates between mid-tempo and frenzy while it offers atmospheric clean vocals in the middle. The mid-tempo based ‘Red Snow’ shows more of the melodic death metal side of the band, but it still keeps its pitch-black charisma. The sheer despair of ‘In The Absence Of Light’ touches one immediately and doesn‘t let you go until the end. The closing ‘Dawn’ seems like a farewell and a glimpse of hope at the same time.
Experience “Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death” by HALLS OF OBLIVION yourself. The album will be released on 09.06.2023 via Apostasy Records.