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INSIGNIUM - Infamie Und Urgewalt - Wenn Altes Sich Erhebt



01. Nach dem Krieg
02. Den Mahren zum Fraße
03. Unter meinen Fahnen
04. Vulva Stellaris II: Klitorale Kakophonie
05. Das letzte Geleit
06. All ihr Weiber (Hexenprobe)
07. Zu schwarzer Flamme

Time is relative! Nevertheless, it‘s a matter of fact that 13 years are quite a while. However, does it really matter when the result is as strong as Insignium’s new album “Infamie Und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes Sich Erhebt”? – Definitely not. On this release, they were able to let go of all the anger they suppressed over the years, which forced them to create black metal full of fury and rage. You will hear it in every sound.

Apollyon, Shoggoth, Svartis and Ralle celebrate every sinister thought and release their grim piece of art on August 31st, 2018 via Apostasy Records.


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