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Iron Walrus - Tales Never Told



01. Xdimensions
02. Dead Spot
03. Idols
04. A Tale Never Told
05. Problems
06. Pay Your Toll
07. Reborn
08. Exile
09. Under My Skin
--- Bonus ---
10. Shout
11. Gloves Of Metal
12. Breaking The Law
13. Jeanny

It’s the darkest chapters in our own story that we may never share – “Tales Never Told”.
On their fourth album, IRON WALRUS refine their sound somewhere in between stoner, slugde and metal with a healthy portion of doom and noisecore, and take it to the next level. The new song collection marks their most varied one to date. The marching ‘XDimensions’ starts the album while ‘Pay Your Toll’ is a hardrocking beast, but the German band from Osnabrück also deliver some classy doomy mid-tempo pieces like ‘Dead Spot’ or ‘Problems’. The title track is maybe their most complete track so far, a slow-paced monster which is making its way to an emotional grand finale. ‘Under My Skin’ is the albums closing track, and it’s a melancholic ride that simply needs to be experienced.
IRON WALRUS will take care that these “Tales Never Told” won’t stay like that. With the help of APOSTASY RECORDS, the five-piece will release this new chapter on 24.03.2023.