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MAGENTA HARVEST - ...And Then Came The Dust



01. Flock of Reckoning
02. The Murderous Breed
03. When Your World Turns to Glass
04. An Abode of Ashes
05. The Search for the Higher Water
06. Signs of Death
07. …and then Came the Dust
08. A Terminal Hymn to Cold
09. The Pane of Eden

Magenta Harvest from Finland’s Pietarsaari started out as the brainchild of drummer Janne Manninen and guitarist Timo Kontio. Over the years, the band evolved into a quintet, which released a strong death metal-debut: “Volatile Waters” (2014).

On September the 1st, their new album will be let loose on mankind: “… And Then Came The Dust”! The album continues the brutal but atmospheric path of its predecessor while it reveals a lot more hauntingly melodic moments. Again, the band confides in producer Juho Räihä (Wolfheart, To/Die/For, Before The Dawn) who created an enormously powerful sound for the nine tracks. The excellent artwork was done by Marcelo Vasco Arts | (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Dark Funeral).

On “… And Then Came The Dust” Magenta Harvest unleash a strong concept that takes no prisoners!


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