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Maladie - Symptoms III



01. Excidium - The Innocent Child
02. Nihilum - The Shield Effect
03. Tenebrae - No More Pain
04. Inanimentum - Last Farewell
05. Decretum - The Passage

The disease has many faces, which makes it likewise dangerous
and fascinating in a unique way. At the same time, the symptoms are
as diverse as the later manifestations.
The etiology dates the initiation of MALADIE to the year 2009. Since
then, four albums have been released as well as two EPs under the
banner “…Symptoms“. The third cycle “…Symptoms III…” follows
the path of its predecessors, but it also surprises all along the line.
From beginning to end, the band from the German city Ludwigshafen
named their style “plague metal”. This genre will be enriched a lot by
the new songs while they also redefine it in a way. They only give
a hint via the melancholic mood that they are rooted in avantgarde
black metal, because this time the songs are presented in a fully
acoustic manner, which makes them even more intense. ‘Excidium
– The Innocent Child’ starts with an Italo Western vibe until the
saxophone kicks in to build a bridge with its dreamy melody for the
fragile vocals, that sing about leaving the impartiality of former days
behind. In ‘Nihilum – The Shield Effect’ and ‘Tenebrae – No More
Pain’ you can hear the piano that creates the heavy fundament for
lamenting lyrics about searching and self-accusations. One can
seek the exit in ‘Inanimentum - One Last Farewell’, an intriguing
interplay between acoustic guitars and saxophone which makes a
desire for darkness audible and noticeable. The final ‘Decretum -
The Passage’ marks the end for this emotional piece of art with its
haunting orchestrations.
This collection of songs could not fit any better into current times,
because it is introverted and self-reflective. As a result, an intimate
atmosphere emerges, that impossibly could get any denser.
“…Symtoms III” will be released on 10/09/2021 via Apostasy Records.