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Maladie - The Sick Is Dead - Long Live The Sick



01. My Soul, Old
02. Nekrolife
03. The Sick Is Dead
04. Long Live The Sick
05. Gottkomplex
06. Is This Your Inheritance
07. The Ultimate Rejection
08. Life‘s Work
09. Death‘s Work
10. Final Stage

For the diseased the illness is not seldom end and beginning at the
same time.
What is to be understood by Plague Metal, in the end only the creators
themselves may determine. If you thought you had understood
by now what to expect from MALADIE after four albums, the guys
from Germany show you that they will continue to take completely
unpredictable paths. Thus, the new work of art could not be entitled
any more suitably: „The Sick Is Dead, Long Live The Sick“.
One can confidently speak of a reinvention here, because the
material comes along almost straightforward, without losing the very
own sick signature for a single second, which allows an undreamtof
directness to emerge. Immediately the opener ‚My Soul, Old‘
stomps forward in black ‚n‘ roll manner, before it unfolds itself in a
melodic middle section, only to then march towards the end. The
blast-beat thunderstorm at the beginning of ‚Nekrolife‘ then shows
again the down stepped gas pedal and lets the jazz influences flash
in the verse riffs skillfully, but always well dosed. The semi title tracks
‚The Sick Is Dead‘ and ‚Long Live The Sick‘ are almost punky by
MALADIE standards and at the same time so cleverly written that
one could nevertheless only expect them in this form from this very
formation. ‘Is This Your Inheritance‘ oscillates between all forms of
melancholic gothic rock. Towards the end ‚Life‘s Work‘ and ‚Death‘s
Work‘ increase the speed at times, before ‚Final Stage‘ strikes the
final death blow.
„The Sick Is Dead, Long Live The Sick“ shows MALADIE more
infectious than ever, and from a completely new side. Apostasy
Records will release the album on 10.12.2021.
Then, you can convince yourself.