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Maladie - Wound Of Gods



01. Eternity Denied
02. Dying Immortality
03. Wound Of Gods
04. A Fool's Joy
05. Dreams Die
06. Of Hanged Mankind
07. So Close
08. Invisible Retaliation
09. Defiled Yet Bright

In a world in which plagues and sicknesses are well-spread upon its population, it is time for a disease to reach out for new victims…
Can a god even exist in this day and age? And even more important: Can a god be wounded? On their sixth album, MALADIE is causing the “Wound Of Gods”, which makes the band prove that their very own plaque metal is still an ever-evolving style. Before they hammer all the needles and all the nails into the flesh of the so-called gods with ultra-precise thunderous blast-beats, they stalk them in a more subtle manner to lull them into safety with a rich variety of vocal styles, guitars oscillating between atmosphere, melody and power as well as additional instruments like saxophones and flutes. Extreme music can’t be more adventurous! While ‘Eternity Denied’ sometimes feels like Sisters Of Mercy on drugs, ‘Of Hanged Mankind’ delivers a full-on black metal inferno in the mid-section which opens the gates to hell and heaven alike. ‘A Fool’s Joy’ tries to lure the listener with its Hammond organ sounds and the gospel-choir-esque finale, and ‘Defiled Yet Bright’ offers some folky vibes and gang-shouts before the album ends in an inferno of speedy blasts leading into a nearly fragile conclusion.
Decide for yourself whether you believe in gods, but one thing is certain: MALADIE prepared everything to wound them. “Wound Of Gods” will be released on 09.12.2022 via Apostasy Records.