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MALADIE - Plague Within



01. Animus Fatalis
02. Imperditus
03. Yersinia Pestis
04. Pes Equinovarus
05. Morbus
06. 1979
07. Transgressus

Maladie is not a band per se, but rather the project of Björn Köppler (Tombthroat), which took the first time a solid appearance in 2009 with musicians such as Cornelius Althammer (Drums – AHAB/Dead Eyed Sleeper), Mark Walther (Guitars – Spheron), Déhà (Vocals, Deviant Messiah), Alexander Wenz (Vocals – Tombthroat/RAW) and Bernd Wener (Clean Vocals – Shapeshift, Blindflug).

After the recordings of “Plague Within” have taken place in various studios in Germany and Belgium, the album has been refined by Christoph Brandes with a perfect mix and mastering at the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Deadborn, etc…). Punchy and differentiated, but with the requisite rawness.

“Plague Within” is full of emotionality and will set new standards in sophisticated Black Metal.



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