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MALADIE - The Grand Aversion



01. Obtestatio
02. Distentio
03. Odium
04. Detractatio
05. Source Doloris
06. Fastidium
07. Lux Et Umbra
08. Murmur
09. Seditio
10. Aequamentum
11. Corona
12. Non Omnis Mori
13. Rex Vulnere
14. Anastasis

Maladie, officially founded in 2009 (actually you should rather mention the year 1979), is the life of Mastermind Björn Köppler, who has gathered a more than suitable horde of top-class musicians to complete the line-up.

Since that fateful year, 4 albums and 2 mini-albums have been released so far. Extreme Metal is the basis, but by no means the right drawer. Across all genres, all kinds of metal, jazz and many other styles, together with all kinds of different instruments, are concocted into an avant-garde but always homogeneous mix.

Every release is unmistakably Maladie and yet the brave can always expect something new. This journey is far away from over…


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