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Massen - Chaos Leading To Harmony



01. Fog Is Everywhere
02. Born by the Raven Claws
03. When Everything Fades (feat. Chris Harms - LORD OF THE LOST)

When we head upside down into disaster, only chaos can lead us into harmony!

With their latest album “ContrAesthetic” MASSEN discovered the connection between opposites. It’s time for the band from Belarus to move further into this field via their New EP “Chaos Leading To Harmony”!

Their combination of black and death metal elements spiced with engaging sounds and a huge dose of unique melodies is quite an experience. The lyrics which are being sung in English and Belarus sets them even more apart from other bands within their field. “Fog Is Everywhere” lives up to its name by creating a foggy atmosphere before MASSEN starts the hunt through the mist. The energy level of “Born By The Raven Claws” is just relentless, but in all its rage there’s still a lot of space for atmospheric strings and anthemic vocal lines. After the fog and the ravens’ claws, the listener experiences how it must feel like “When Everything Fades”. Chris Harms (the mastermind behind Lord Of The Lost) lends his voice as a guest singer for the epic finale of this outstanding EP.

The three tracks have been recorded at TDS & Vibe Studio (Minsk, Belarus). Mick Kenney mixed and mastered the first two tracks while Borknagar’s very own Øystein G. Brun mixed the closing track “When Everything Fades” with Tony Lindgren (Amorphis, Katatonia, Opeth…) at the helm of the mastering process. The fantastic artwork was once again done by Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Arch Enemy…).