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01. iNnerME
02. Torn To Shreds
03. Mythomania
04. Murder Of Crows
05. In Vain
06. On The Verge Of Collapse
07. Sealed
08. Drift
09. Opaque

Since 2005 Nailed To Obscurity stands for an original mélange of hard riffs, moody melodies and a distinctively unique sound. The five Northern Germans already proved all these qualities on their self-released debut “Abyss”.

Since then, a lot happened around the band and they grew a lot through numerous concerts and the consistent quest for musical evolution.

“Opaque” is the title of the second album by the quintet Nailed To Obscurity and it will be released on 2013-09-20 via Apostasy Records. The album was produced by the band together with Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Svartsot, a.o.) in his LSD Studio. The atmospheric artwork was done by Ben Borucki (e.g. Agathodaimon, Suicide Silence, Burial Vault).


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