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OBSCENITY - Atrophied In Anguish



01. Erase The Divine
02. All You Can Kill
03. Atrophied In Anguish
04. From Heroic To Depraved
05. Swine To The Slaughter
06. Perfect Pain
07. Neurotic Frenzy
08. Diary Of A Scapegoat
09. Monoistic Living
10. Hysterical Illusion

There was a long silence around the Death Metal veterans that were formed back in 1989. After many great albums, some tours like the No Mercy Tour alongside Immortal, Hypocrisy and Malevolent Creation or in support for Six Feet Under and successful festival appearances (Wacken Open Air, With Full Force Open Air, Fuck The Commerce Festival…) the band cracked down in 2009/2010.
But in 2010 guitarist Hendrik Bruns already began to rebuild the band. Jeff Rudes from Tampa, Florida joined the band the same year on vocals. At the beginning of 2011, former drummer Sascha Knust (1989-2000) returned to OBSCENITY and Christoph Weerts was recruited as a new guitarist. The line-up was completed by bassplayer Jörg Pirch (ex-TEARS OF DECAY).

In summer 2012 the band has finished the work on their eigth studio album “Atrophied in Anguish”. The new album was again recorded in Soundlodge Studio, Rhauderfehn together with Jörg Uken.

The war machine OBSCENITY is hungrier then ever to reign the Death Metal world with an iron and bloody fist. You can be sure that you will be blasted by the new tracks. After nearly 23 years the story has just begun.

Commented the band:
“‘Atrophied In Anguish’ is the quintessence of diverse epoches of OBSCENITY. We combined typical ’90s melodic parts and leads with modern blastparts. The new album is a mixture of ‘The 3rd Chapter’ and ‘Cold Blooded Murder’ with a giant sound that goes without Lego-Trigger and other technical stuff.”



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