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OVERTORTURE - At The End The Dead Await



01. Black Shrouds of Dementia
02. Murder for the Masses
03. Slaves to the Atom
04. The Outer Limits
05. Targets
06. The Strain
07. The Coming Doom
08. Towards the Within
09. Suffer As One
10. At the End the Dead Await

“Unbridled brutality with the necessary talent for melody.”
Many bands advertise with these attributes, but a so homogeneous blend as one you get offered by OVERTORTURE, you rarely get to hear.
Those who take a closer look at the Sweden will far less be surprised about the quality. The band members are partly some former members of such illustrious groups as GRAVE, COLDWORKER, INSISION, THE UGLY and DEMONICAL.

In making their debut, the five took over the responsibility for all recordings and the production. Mixing and mastering was done by Ola Englund of Six Feet Under who gives the album the necessary pressure.
The cover artwork was made by Gustav Germann (Guger Art) who also created the band logo and has already worked for bands like Vomitory and Hail Of Bullets.

In 2013, the band is ready to make history…



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