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Path Of Destiny - The Seed Of All Evil



01. The Division Of A Spiral Synergy
02. Necromantic Storm
03. Erased By Light
04. Endbringer
05. As Stars Collide
06. From Heaven They Fall
07. Kingdom Of God
08. March Of The Antichrist
09. Wave Goodbye To Sanity
10. The Crown Of Creation

It is one of the most significant questions of mankind: Where is the
origin for all this misery that we must face all day everyday? There
might never be a clear answer in response to this, because it is an
interplay between many factors and we ourselves have a lot of points
of contact with them. There is the institutionalization of spirituality by
so-called religions, who are just aiming for more power in the end.
And there is our own intellect who is overestimated far too often to
allow us to deceive ourselves.
Five years after “Dreams In Splendid Black”, PATH OF DESTINY
return with a new album, which again needed a long ripening
process. That’s why it presents the German melodic death metal
outfit more diverse and more mature than ever before. All ten songs
on “The Seed Of All Evil” feature an ominous character, because
they mirror the society in a way that makes it even impossible to
take a close look into the mirror itself. The anthemic opener ‘The
Division Of A Spiral Synergy’ immediately shows the strengths of the
band: melodies that are there to stay and a thrilling heaviness. The
midtempo track ‘Erased By Light’ battles its way through darkness
in an epic manner, while ‘Endbringer’ is a blast beat driven speed
attack. The furious ‘March Of The Antichrist’ lives up to its name and
creates a pitch black atmosphere.
PATH OF DESTINY’s third creation “The Seed Of All Evil” contains
all necessary tools to make it one of the melodic death metal jewels of 2021.