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Permutation - Transience



01. A Feast For Crows
02. Arrow Of Time
03. Into The Abyss
04. Lost In Transience
05. We Shall Serve
06. Apostasy
07. Creation
08. Trapped In Snugness
09. Feed Upon Their Flesh
10. You

Changing the order of an ordered set could mean the inception of something completely new. PERMUTATION from Northern Germany took this to heart by creating the songs for their debut “Transience”.

Sonically, the two-piece is heavily rooted in black metal, but they incorporate further elements of extreme metal into their songs to open them up for a huge dose of atmosphere and melodies whereas acoustic guitars create elegant bridges between the extreme borders.

While songs like ‘Arrow Of Time’ or ‘Lost In Transience’ feature nearly epic moments, ‘Apostasy’ and ‘Feed Upon Their Flesh’ go all in with their blast-beat-laden madness approach. In contrast, ‘We Shall Serve’ features heavily grooving elements. And the closer ‘You’ evolves from a more experimental start into an ultra-melodic monster before it ends in a grand finale that makes you just nod your head. The first single ‘Into The Abyss’ balances the elements in a perfect matter and shows what PERMUTATION and “Transience” as a whole have to offer.
Releases September 20, 2023