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SIGN OF CAIN - To Be Drawn And To Drown



01. Sign of Cain
02. The Earth Collapses Behind
03. Path of the Feeble
04. Thunders Never Followed
05. Scatter
06. Remembrance and Pain
07. Empires Ablaze with Unrest
08. Bearing Eyes
09. Again I Shed
10. To Be Drawn and to Drown

Making Music is a form of communication. That is why musicians of all shades always find a way to express themselves together. Sign Of Cain consists of well-known names like Tomer Hasenfratz (guitar, Backing Vocals: Viscera Trail), Tomy Minas (guitar: The Sin), Tuval Refaeli (drums: Viscera Trail, Equilibrium), David Mauritzon (bass: Razorrape) und none other than Tomas Lindberg (vocals: At The Gates, The Lurking Fear). We are very honored to announce that we will put out the first sign of life of this project 18 years after its initial spark in 1999: „To Be Drawn And To Drown“.

Old school death metal and doom full of melancholy and sorrowful melodies, which pave their way through painful and repulsive harmonies. The vocals that howl from the depth of despair grabbing your insides while the uncompromising drums pound with wrath and caress every emotion put out on this record.


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