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PUNISH - Sublunar Chaos



01. Incipit Chaos
02. Sublunar Black
03. Selfimposed Neurotic – Corroded Ad Infinitum
04. Notorious Deathdealer
05. Kliffoth
06. Arise From The Ambush
07. Future Repeats
08. Denial Means War
09. M2 (Instrumental)
10. Under Despotic Flag

The Zurich-based Death Metal band Punish was founded in 1996. Lastly, their 2009 magnum opus „Raptus“ impressed press and fans alike. The fourth album “Sublunar Chaos” by the Swiss quartet will be released via Apostasy Records on 30.08.2013 in GAS, 02.09.2013 in UK + ROE and 03.09.2013 in North America!

Exact like a Swiss clock unit, every riff and every beat is a perfect match. Nevertheless the band never loses sight of the songs itself within all the technical parts. Ingenious melodies take the listener directly.

This tech death crusher was produced together with mastermind Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios (e.g. Necrophagist, Deadborn, Spheron). The artwork was done by the French scene artist Remy from Headsplit Design (Arch Enemy, Whitechapel o. a.).


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