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Symbiontic - The Sun And The Darkness



01. Predator
02. Nightmare Alley5
03. The Last Mile
04. Embrace The Infinite
05. The Fool
06. Leech
07. Seven
08. Boneyard Bolero
09. The Sun And The Darkness

The sun needs the darkness to shine even brighter. But the darkness also needs the sun to stay in full contrast to its brightness. But the tragedy behind the relationship between the two: One can’t exist without the other, but both will never be able to meet. It’s correlation and dependence: SYMBIONTIC.
“The Sun And The Darkness” might just be the second release in the history of SYMBIONTIC, but for the melodic death metal band from Dortmund (Germany) this is as well the conclusion of a long journey. After the release of their underground jewel “Vaya”, they disbanded in 2011… Ten years later, they returned in the middle of the pandemic, feeling that there is a lot more to say.
The result is also the proof. The intro of ‘Predator’ feels like the soundtrack to a dystopian scenario and leads perfectly into the raging technical monster that immediately grabs the listener and throws one around. After surviving this, it’s time to enter ‘Nightmare Alley’ - a song like a ride though grooving and fast-paced corners. ‘Embrace The Infinite’ oscillates between atmosphere and stomping passages while ‘The Fool’ leads everyone by the nose as it completely maltreats the neck with its midtempo parts and absolute frenzy – just unpredictable. Towards the end of the album, one will see people dancing the ‘Boneyard Bolero’ before they finally see ‘The Sun And The Darkness’.
APOSTASY RECORDS is proud to release “The Sun And The Darkness” by SYMBIONTIC on 05.05.2023.
Prepare for more to come!