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THE VERY END - Zeitgeist



01. Teratoma
02. Light The Lows
03. On Parole
04. Zeitgeist
05. Truth And Tremor
06. Short Cuts Deep Wounds
07. Brave New Blood
08. Anechoic
09. The Day It All Went Black
10. Sorrow No More
11. From Boon To Bane
12. Until There‘s Nothing Left Of Us

Hailing from the heart of the infamous Ruhr-Area, THE VERY END have always been a wayward bunch. No categories, no boundaries, not your standard heavy metal game. Even after more than nine years since the release of their last album „Turn Off The World“, this has not changed a single bit. No, the five-piece shows itself stronger and more unique than ever before – with a new line up and a brand-new album: „Zeitgeist“!
Exploring extremes has never been a goal of THE VERY END, but somehow „Zeitgeist“ is the band‘s most extreme album to date. From spitting-with-rage thrashers like ‘Light The Lows’ or the title track to pounding, death metal infected grooves like ‘From Boon To Bane’ or ‘The Day It All Went Black’ to the catchy rocking chorus of ‘On Parole’ or the epic broadness of ‘Until There‘s Nothing Left Of Us’ – „Zeitgeist“ proves that the song matters more than any cliches or expectations. The fresh spirit that comes along with the new members Jerome Reil on drums and Marc Bräutigam on guitar is truly notable in the acoustic cornucopia that „Zeitgeist“ really is – without losing the DNA of THE VERY END‘s trademarks!
With the help of Cornelius Rambadt (Bonded, Disbelief, Sodom…), the band produced the album by themselves while Dennis Koehne (Caliban, Lacuna Coil, Melechesh, Orden Ogan…) took care of mastering duties. The result is a varied sound that is able to support all the different nuances within the songs. Singer Björn Gooßes (Aborted, Circle II Circle, Motorjesus ,The Crown…) himself created the artwork that is at the same time true to the aesthetic of the former albums but also able to transport THE VERY END’s attitude in 2021: Daring and uncompromising but still focused on the song, open minded and contemporary but still metal to the bone.


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