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THIS ENDING - Crowned In Blood



01. Crowned In Blood
02. Birth Of Evil
03. Devils
04. Will Of Iron
05. Blood King
06. A Venomous Prison
07. Hope In Inferno
08. Lord, Master, King And Emperor - All In One
09. Awakening
10. Light The Flame

After they went “Inside The Machine”, reaped the “Dead Harvest”, survived the “Garden Of Death”, and got injected with “Needles Of Rust”, THIS ENDING are ready to become “Crowned In Blood”.
Three years have passed, since the band released their album “Needles Of Rust” and the world is a different one now. In these days, people might scream even more for a strong dose of (melodic) death metal to channel all the negativity out there. THIS ENDING took their time to write a strong album that combines all strengths of the Swedish five piece that arose from the ashes of A Canorous Quintet in 2006.
The title track starts with a somewhat unsettling intro before the guitars take the listener into a thrashy verse that leads into an anthemic chorus. The more fast-paced side is being shown in ‘Birth Of Evil’ or ‘A Venomous Prison” which drive the listener forward in brutal manner. The fist-raising chorus of ‘Will Of Iron’ makes one want to protest and aim for one’s destiny. But there is also a more mellow side that shines through in the instrumental ‘Blood King’ while ‘All In One’ lives up to its name by combining all ingredients to a true death metal opus.
“Crowned In Blood” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren (Centinex, Demonical, Wormwood…) while the vocals were laid down with the help of Andreas Morén (Bleeding Utopia, Vanandir…). The whole package is crowned by the stunning artwork which was done by Björn Goosses (Aborted, Dew-Scented, Night In Gales…).


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