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MALADIE - For We Are The Plague



01. Antimundane
02. And I Die Alone
03. The Growing
04. With One Voice
05. Death Is Recognition
06. Ghost Of The Spaceless Void
07. For We Are The Plague
08. Ruins In Triumph
09. I Am The Tomb

Maladie are disturbing, though they also manage to cast a spell over the listener. Like a disease that makes itself felt insidiously, and then takes you for a (un)certain period of time.
Musically none could add a specific genre for MALADIE with their debut “...Plague Within...”. Yet the style mix of the German band has only gotten wilder over the years, and finds another extreme on “For We Are The Plague”. Jazz meets gothic rock, black metal meets interludes, which remind of film soundtracks like those of Danny Elfman, but there are also electronic beats that find their way into the band’s sound, and pair there with grooving Hardrock. Just as free as the instrumental work is the vocals, which cover the complete spectrum from clear vocals to screams. In addition, the lyrics make it clear how “colorful” the gray can be, because in real life there is neither black nor white. Tracks like ‘With One Voice’ and ‘I Am The Tomb’ couldn‘t be more different, but here they can coexist and complement each other.
With their seventh album “For We Are The Plague” MALADIE manifest the idea that in music by no means everything has been said, and certainly not everything has already been heard. MALADIE are their own genre!


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